Notable computer game designer and programmer Peter Molyneux and his startup company 22Cans unveiled the game Curiosity last month. Curiosity is Molyneux’s first project since he left his tenure at Microsoft Game Studios as Creative Director. Molyneux showed off the game on Spike TV last month and pointed out a few of the game’s interesting feature

Curiosity lets players chip at a cube that’s made up of 60 million different cubes. “You’re presented with this white room. In the middle of the white room is a black cube,” he said. “If you touch on that black cube, you’ll zoom into it. This black cube is made up of millions of tiny little cubes. You can tap away at that cube.”

Molyneux added that Curiosity can support up to a million players, but noted that only one person will be able to unlock the mystery at its core. The game really got us all curious. Thankfully, Eurogamer is reporting that the game will be arriving soon to iOS, Android and PC on August 22. Pricing has yet to be revealed.

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