nasa-billionAren’t you glad that until now, the Curiosity Rover has been going around the Red Planet (albeit just an extremely small part of it), capturing plenty of its sights along the way and beaming those high resolution photos back to us, without coming across a cybernetic lifeform that could very well confirm the possibility that the Transformers actors were not CGI characters, but rather, the real deal? Having said that, the Curiosity Rover has certainly drawn its fair share of attention to date, so much so that even a LEGO set has been commissioned for it, and what you see above is just a small part of what it has achieved so far in terms of being a roving shutterbug – with a billion pixel panoramic view of Mars.

The folks over at NASA actually took the time and trouble to stitch together nearly 900 exposure shots into a single 1.3-billion pixel image, where those photos took more than a month to capture, throughout various times of the day, so that us humans, living so far away, will be able to check out the variations in illumination as well as thickness of dust in the atmosphere.

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