RIM’s PlayBook is not exactly the best selling tablet device in the market, which is rather disappointing when you consider the kind of potential it had, and we have word that the 4G BlackBerry PlayBook is due to launch, so RIM has done the necessary, which is to prepare the roll out of its latest tablet operating system version, known as PlayBook OS 2.1. We do expect a beta version to be in the pipeline in the near future, but it seems that the changelog has already appeared on the Internet in the form of a leak, giving us an early preview as to what we are able to expect from PlayBook OS 2.1 when it is finally here.

At the top of the list of improvements would be superior performance for the Android Player. No longer will your PlayBook be a servant to converted Android apps within a single application space, as from PlayBook OS 2.1 onwards, Android apps will appear as individual programs in the task switcher, similar to how native PlayBook apps have always looked like. Android apps can not also access the PlayBook’s cameras, and this feature would definitely put a smile onto the face of many who have longed to see this feature implemented.

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