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Current BlackBerry PlayBook OS Support To End This Month
BlackBerry has only ever released just one tablet, the PlayBook. The 7-inch tablet didn’t do very well. Since then the company has stayed far away from the tablet market. At first it did say that BlackBerry 10 will be released for the PlayBook, but then it reneged on the pledge and confirmed that BB10 won’t be making its way to the ill-fated tablet. As per BlackBerry’s official Software Support Life Cycle […]

BlackBerry Playbook Will No Longer Receive Significant Updates
So we know that the BlackBerry Playbook will not be getting an update to BlackBerry OS 10, which we’re sure disappointed many loyal customers, and it seems that in addition to that, it seems that apart from possible security and bug fixes and regular maintenance updates, the tablet will no longer see any significant updates. This was confirmed by BlackBerry’s VP of Developer Relations, Alec Saunders, who revealed this piece […]

BlackBerry's CEO Claims Deciding Against OS 10 For The Playbook Was A "Tough Decision"
Back in 2012, BlackBerry Playbook owners were pleased to hear that the company’s BlackBerry 10 operating system will be making its way onto their tablet. Unfortunately it turned out to be a pipe dream as BlackBerry ultimately decided against it, meaning that Playbook owners were left with a somewhat dated operating system running on some pretty old hardware. Hardly the way to keep customers satisfied, especially considering that BlackBerry’s rivals […]

Blackberry 10 Could Be Arriving On The Playbook In The Next Few Weeks
An accidental tweet from Blackberry Mexico might have let the cat out of the bag that Blackberry 10 for the Playbook could be released in the next few weeks.


Blackberry 10 Playbook Pegged For 2013 Launch According To Executive
With the launch of Blackberry 10, we’re sure many are wondering what will happen to the Blackberry Playbook tablet. Will it be seeing a Blackberry 10 update? Well the good news is that if you enjoyed the current version of the Playbook, it seems that later on in 2013, Blackberry will be launching the Blackberry 10 version of the Playbook tablet. This was revealed by Mike Al Mefleh, the director […]

Playbook For iPhone Wants Bros To Share Their Sexual Conquests
If you’re the kind of person who insists to gloat about your sexual conquests to your bros while hanging out at the local pub, a new app will make that process much easier as you’ll be able to share every little detail of how “far you went” with your buds through an iPhone app.An app called Playbook was created by a group of young developers that allows users to upload […]

BlackBerry PlayBook 3G+ finally hits the UK
I am not quite sure whether it is smart or foolish to place your money on the BlackBerry PlayBook, but if you so happen to reside in the UK and have long looked forward to the BlackBerry PlayBook 3G+ availability in that part of the world, here is news for you. Coming in just one SKU, the BlackBerry PlayBook 3G+ will feature 32GB of internal memory, and the inclusion of […]

RIM's Playbook tablet pulled from US retailers, new model on its way?
RIM’s Playbook tablet has been around for quite a while now and so far, apart from the inclusion of 4G, there hasn’t really been a true successor to the tablet. No word on when we could see said successor but it seems that the wait might not be too long. There have been several reports where major US online retailers have pulled RIM’s Playbook from their stock. Some online retailers […]

BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 released
RIM has introduced the latest version of the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 update that will be made available for the Wi-Fi-only BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. Just what does BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 bring to the table? Well, we are looking at a new range of capabilities and security features which should bring a smile to the face of consumers, enterprises and developers, as you are able to secure all data on […]

RIM 4G LTE BlackBerry PlayBook tablet announced
When the first PlayBook from RIM was announced a few years ago, it did look as though it was going to give the Apple iPad a run for its money, but unfortunately, the PlayBook all but sizzled and faded out from the scene. It was more from the lack of software support than anything else, never mind that the hardware itself was rather solid on its own. Well, perhaps it […]

RIM prepares PlayBook OS 2.1 update
RIM’s PlayBook is not exactly the best selling tablet device in the market, which is rather disappointing when you consider the kind of potential it had, and we have word that the 4G BlackBerry PlayBook is due to launch, so RIM has done the necessary, which is to prepare the roll out of its latest tablet operating system version, known as PlayBook OS 2.1. We do expect a beta version […]

BlackBerry PlayBook 4G seem ready for a release
Granted, we do know that the BlackBerry PlayBook did run into issues in terms of sales figures in the past, and beleaguered smartphone manufacturer RIM does not seem to be in too good spirits these days. There have been rumors in the past of the BlackBerry PlayBook 4G being launched, and in one of the more recent excerpts from RIM CEO Thorsten Heins, it does seem as though the BlackBerry […]

RIM launches BlackBerry PlayBook 2.1.0 beta for developers
It was just a few days ago when we said that BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 beta will be rolling out in a few days time. And true enough, today, RIM has just launched the BlackBerry PlayBook 2.1.0 beta for developers. RIM explains that the beta will include major enhancements to the Android Runtime. This means that Android apps can now run in its own window and access to the camera […]

BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 beta rolling out in a few days' time?
Word on the street has it that Research in Motion (RIM) has every intention to roll out their first beta of the BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.1 before the month is over. Considering how there are just a couple more days after today before May makes way for June, does this mean the next couple of days will see PlayBook users (yes, all 10 of you at the back of the […]

RIM confirms plans for LTE BlackBerry Playbook
A couple of days ago, we were in two minds as to whether there will be a 4G LTE BlackBerry Playbook released to the masses in the future, and promised to bring you the latest updates should there be any breaking news. Well, here we are today, and we have word from the horse’s mouth – RIM’s new chief executive to be exact, that the company has plans to roll […]

BlackBerry Playbook receives Sony PlayStation emulator
RIM (Research In Motion) did tease about a high-profile app for the BlackBery PlayBook that could arrive as soon as next Monday, but in the mean time, here is a bit of news which might just introduce a skip to your step for this evening – it seems that the PlayBook will be on the receiving end of a PlayStation emulator, a console that was released all the way back […]

BlackBerry 10 coming to PlayBook tablet
RIM has just confirmed that their PlayBook tablet will be receiving the BlackBerry 10 operating system update in due time, which is definitely a step up from the PlayBook OS 2.0. Regardless of which operating system the PlayBook runs on, it will still be QNX-based, and according to Rob Orr, Vice President of Product Management at Research in Motion, “We’ve said publicly a number of times that our first BB10 […]

HSPA+ BlackBerry PlayBook arrives at the FCC
Yes, the BlackBerry PlayBook might not be the most desirable tablet in the market, but that does not mean it does not come with its fair share of fans. No sir, as we have seen the PlayBook function as a remote control for toy cars, while receiving an official keyboard accessory recently, and here we are with another variant of the BlackBerry PlayBook being prepared for a general release, sporting […]

Plants vs Zombies launches in BlackBerry App World
Earlier this month, we mentioned about how Plants vs Zombies was released for the BlackBerry PlayBook, but it could not be found anywhere on the BlackBerry App World. Well, good news for you – you can now start enjoying peashooters on your BlackBerry PlayBook, thanks to PopCap Games and EA Games bringing the Plants vs Zombies title. The app ought to start to show up in App World at noon […]

PlayBook OS 2.0 released on February 17?
Many rumors that make their rounds on the Internet these days tend to have grounds for confirmation, simply because technology has enabled one working from within a company to be able to grab a snapshot here, or an image there, before releasing such information to the masses in a ninja-like manner. The BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 release date has certainly made its rounds on the rumor mill for some time, […]