It is hard to believe that a toy known as Roachbot which was introduced just earlier this year, functioning as a remote controlled cockroach (much to the chagrin of roach haters everywehre), is already on the receiving end of an “upgrade” of sorts. Japan Trust Technologies, the company realized that they ought to spice things up a bit, and have introduced a souped up version of the original Roachbot – by throwing in support for the iPhone and iPad as well.

You can now download and install an exclusive app for your Apple smartphone or tablet device, where it is then attached to an infrared light, letting you use it as a controller via the touchscreen display. There is also a new feature that lets you play the role of throttling – that is, you can adjust the Roachbot’s cruising speed to hit a maximum velocity and make its movement far more realistic than ever before.

A “Trim Correction Slider” also lets you make slight adjustments to the Roachbots course while going straight, doing away with the previous hard left/right turns. Not only that, it makes the entire thing looks so much more realistic. I wonder whether people will start using the Roachbot as an excuse to snag them a free meal at restaurants…

Prices for the new Roachbot start from $37 after conversion.

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