Don’t you find it interesting that an Israeli company known as Nano Retina has come up with the Bio-Retina, where this small chip might make the blind see again? Now we only need to heal lepers and make the lame walk, and the hat-trick of miracles would be complete. I would not mind water being turned into wine either, but it would be best to remain sober while at work. According to Nano Retina’s managing director Ra’Anan Gefen, this particular Bio-Retina chip is capable of restoring lost function in the eyes of those who suffer from retinal degeneration, which is one of the primary causes of blindness.

Gefen said, “We’re talking about millions of people affected by this disease and introducing this artificial photoreceptor, artificial retina, will enable them to function again, to see again, to be productive in the society.” The Bio-Retina chip will make sight possible thanks to a photovoltaic cell which is activated by glasses that have been fitted with a laser energy source. This laser will empower the photovoltaic cell to deliver the necessary amount of electricity required to power the ocular implant, sending images to the brain through the optic nerve. In essence, we have a bionic eye that replicates the damaged retina functions.

How fast does it work upon a successful implant? Well, patients ought to experience immediate, monochrome sight restoration right after the procedure which will take 30-minutes long. Clinical trials will begin in a couple of years’ time, and if successful, millions of people look set to benefit. Hopefully the procedure will not cost a bomb in the process.

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