Talk about smart clothing getting one up on us yet again. I am referring to this new generation of clothes that you can wear, where it is capable of emitting a mild electric shock to let you know that your current pose lacks the amount of finesse required by your instructor. Perhaps it is your stomach that is left hanging out too far, or your hip has been positioned at the wrong angle, either way, when you are nudged back into position by the mild electric shock, a trio of buzzes to the previously afflicted area will be confirmation that your body (as well as the solar system) is back in perfect alignment.

This particular seemingly intelligent garment will feature a quartet of stretch-and-flex sensors that are woven out of conductive fibers and embedded into its front, back and sides. The sensors themselves have been strategically placed in order to assist in the correction of some of the most common errors that folks make whenever they are on a mat at a Pilates class.

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