I know that we have been living in the atomic age for quite some time already, but we have yet to see mutants running around like crazy as depicted in the X-Men movies. This means you are safe from a telepath “hacking” into your brain, but a normal human might be able to do so with the right tools and under the right circumstances, of course. It seems that security researchers have managed to rely on affordable Emotiv headsets (which we have seen in the past) to capture the subconscious responses of a person to external stimuli, further using them to uncover data straight from the horse’s mouth – in this case, their subjects’ brains. Needless to say, on paper, this is a theoretical risk to privacy and security which might eventually end up as rather significant should such technology advances further in its own field.


Does this mean intellectual hackers are able to access to your bank details as well as important PIN codes simply by reading your mind? Perhaps, but the journey is a long and arduous one, although it is still theoretically possible. Perhaps it is time to build up the relevant mental defenses as seen in Inception, so that anyone trying to extract data from your mind (or perhaps plant a thought) will have a greater risk associated with the act, which should we call it, intellectual terrorism?

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