Now there are keyboards, and then there are keyboards. While many of us are fine with just a standard issue keyboard, some of us prefer something more interesting and one that can be a conversation starter. Case in point, this particular Engrain Tactile Keyboard might just get the job done, where exceptionally talented designer Michael Roopenian has decided to incorporate natural textures that can be found in wood grain so that users are able to engage with their sense of touch using his Engrain Tactile Keyboard prototype. Individual keys are constructed through sandblasting wood which will then result in a raised ridge pattern that is formed by the grain. It would be nice to see the Engrain Tactile Keyboard enter production, making this more of a work of art than a technological enterprise. I wonder whether there are any companies out there who are willing to fork out the money to see the Engrain Tactile Keyboard enter production. How much are you willing to pay for one of these?

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