Expensive exotic cars that catch fire by themselves? It is almost as strange as some cases in the past where spontaneous human combustion occurred. Well, it seems that the latest mysterious case of an expensive sports car burning itself to a crisp while the owner is not around would fall under the purview of the Fisker Karma hybrid-electric luxury sedan. Jalopnik has managed to snag an exclusive scoop on this story, where the cause of the fire is remains unknown, although photos from Jalopnik do reveal some rather extensive damage to the front left quadrant of the car.


This particularly ‘hot’ incident happened in Woodside, California, and surprisingly enough, it is not the first time this has happened to a Fisker – but rather, this is deemed to be the second fire accident over the course of this summer, where earlier in May this year, a spanking new Fisker was actually the cause of a house fire in Houston, Texas. The Woodside Fire Department claimed that the Fisker Karma’s owner paid a visit to a grocery store, only to be greeted by smoke coming out from his ride upon his return. Calling Fisker, the owner was told to dial 911 – obviously without using his butt.

The fire crew did not arrive in time to save the Fisker Karma, but at least no one was hurt in the tragedy. I wonder how many steps backwards has Fisker slid in terms of their public image with this latest incident.

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