Remember the Nexus 7 “Camping” commercial that we wrote about last month? Well, it looks like the ad became a huge hit, according to a research made by the advertising research firm Ace Metrix. The firm said that the minute-long ad was the most effective TV spot to break in the last week and the most-effective technology spot in the last 90 days.

During the research, Ace Metrix measured the effectiveness of the ad by showing it to 500 consumers. They proceeded to score the ad based on the viewer’s opinion in terms of persuasiveness and likelihood of watching again. Out of the 950 point chart, Google’s “Camping” advertisement scored 662.

The firm noted that the reason behind the ad’s success was its demonstration of product utility. “Google has taken their strong emotional appeal and married that with strong product demonstration,” said Jonathan Symonds, VP-marketing at Ace Metrix. Meanwhile, the firm added that Apple’s latest three Genius ads that showed a Genius Bar employee assisting hapless consumers on a plane, on the street and on an apartment scored lower when compared to Google’s ad.

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