Huawei logoHuawei, the smartphone manufacturing company is currently working hand in hand with the British spy service to prove to them that their devices do not have any kind of backdoors – and in the event where there should be one (or more) of these, it would enable the Chinese version of James Bond to sniff around for some of Britian’s secrets. This particular move also led Huawei to set up a “Cyber Security Evaluation Centre” in Banbury. The Economist claims that this particular center is being used persuade the British government that their set of equipment is ‘clean’ and fully trustworthy for use in the British empire – or at least, what is left of it. What do you think of this particular partnership (if you can call it that)? It would be interesting to see whether other hardware outfits such as HTC will also do the same and ensure that their devices are ‘clean’ and good to go.


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