The iPhone 4S’ camera is regarded as being one of the better smartphone cameras currently available in the market, and we’ve seen photos and videos taken with it that could have fooled us into thinking that more professional equipment was used instead. However it seems that the iPhone 4S’ camera was good enough that a journalist for The Guardian, Dan Chung, has decided to use it in place of a DSLR to cover  the London 2012 Olympic games!

Taking a pair of binoculars to double up as a zoom lens, Chung uses his iPhone to snap photos of the event, after which he edits them using the Snapseed photograph editing app before sharing them online. One of the perks of the iPhone is that since it is already connected to the internet (assuming there is sufficient coverage), sharing photos is only a matter of taps away. Granted some of these photos could have been sharper/less noisy/etc. when captured with a DSLR camera, they certainly are impressive nonetheless and goes on to prove that sometimes it’s not the equipment that makes the photo, but it is the photographer. You can check out the rest of Chung’s photos at The Guardian’s website.

[Image credit – Dan Chung/The Guardian]

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