The Motorola Atrix HD is the latest and greatest of all smartphones from Motorola, but what does that mean for the rest of the Razr family of devices? Well, it seems that the international version of the Motorola Razr HD has been spotted (although we do know that it should be making its way to Verizon in due time), and not in some sort of Cellebrite software to boot. This particular international version of the Motorola Razr HD has a back plate that certainly will not be able to win any converts over in terms of its styling (or rather, should we say the lack of it?), although we do look forward to see just which countries will Motorola introduce the Razr HD International version.


The model that you see above seem to be halfway being tested for Vodafone’s network, so it goes without saying that not every single bit of its innards that you see here will end up in the final product. The rather different pattern on its rear cover is certainly very different from what we are used to, although the question needs to be asked – are those holes there for external antenna input? It is also rumored to come with an 8-megapixel camera sensor, but until something official comes about, we will just take everything which we have read with a grain of salt.

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