There is nothing quite like a speed boost to your device by overclocking it. After all, it not only offers a new lease of life, but it also saves you money on purchasing a faster model or make. Of course, there are also the downsides to it, such as voiding your warranty, and if the processor or chipset you have overclocked was not meant to run at higher clock speeds, you will definitely run the risk of the device overheating and heaven forbid, catch fire while it is in your pants. Not only that, the drain on your battery life will also be increased, which is not a good thing at all. Well, the Nexus 7 which boasts of a 1.3GHz clock speed whenever it is running at its full capacity did not keep certain folks happy, so early adopters decided to do something about it. A custom Elite kernel from XDA-Developers’ “Clemsyn” will push the Tegra 3 chipset in the Nexus 7 far beyond its limits, where we are talking about a 2GHz clock speed.

This rather dramatic speed boost will allow the Nexus 7 to outpace a Transformer Prime in common benchmarks, in addition to majority of the smartphones out there in the market. Still, this is still an unrefined kernel, and the Tegra 3 processor has known issues whenever it undergoes a rather stressful load such as a 2GHz burden.

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