Now here is an idea that you might want to explore if you happen to be in charge of a city or country – how about revamping the laws to make the purchase of electric vehicles (EVs) a whole lot easier and more affordable for the masses, throwing in generous tax breaks in between? After that, you can also create more jobs and stimulate the economy be constructing more and more EV charging points throughout the city’s arteries, so that purchasing an electric vehicle would end up being far less daunting whenever it is “thirsty” after a particularly long day of driving around.

GE and Urban Green Energy (UGE) have come together to work on the Sanya Skypump concept that is located just outside of Barcelona, Spain, where it intends to serve not only corporate but government drivers as well with really clean energy at levels. Touted to be one of the first properly integrated wind-powered EV chargers in the market, it is also elegantly designed – merging both form and function in a welcoming manner. Each of UGE’s 4K wind turbine towers are able to “catch” energy from the breeze above, followed by a GE Durastation kicking in where it delivers high-voltage charging for EV drivers.

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