Slightly more than a year ago, the Sifteo Cubes were put up for pre-order, and fast forward to today, the next generation Sifteo Cubes have been unveiled, where it is touted to deliver a totally new and improved video game system that should appeal to folks of all ages and from all walks of life. Merging timeless and tactile tabletop play experience, the next generation Sifteo Cubes will be fused with breakthrough computer and video game technology for an Intelligent Play experience which will definitely “level up” your mortal, critical thinking powers.

The next generation Sifteo Cubes will be powered by AAA batteries, where you can now get your game on with up to a dozen cubes. The presence of the Sifteo Base also means that Sifteo Cubes will not require a computer any more for gameplay, transforming this into a truly portable system. Your eyes and ears will also benefit from richer graphics, juicier colors and updated sensing technology. Right now, Sifteo is working with Nickelodeon to develop a quartet of licensed games, starting with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Ninja Slide coming this November.

Expect the next generation Sifteo Cubes to ship from November onwards to be in time for the holiday season. You can pick up a Sifteo Pack that comes with three next-generation Sifteo Cubes, the Sifteo Base, five AAA batteries, a USB cable, a soft carrying case, four brand new games pre-installed and ready to rock and roll, for $129.95 a pop. If you want to throw in more cubes, then these will cost $29.95 each.

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