You know, back in the days when I was a wee lad, the only method of keeping myself occupied was a pencil and a sheet of paper, running around outdoors trying to catch some fish, or getting mental stimulation through the Rubik’s Cube. Those were the pre-Game Boy days, and today, you have children getting all sorts of high tech toys to tickle their imagination. You can Sifteo Cubes to the list, as this toy will ovver interaction with kids to promote creative play and foster development of key thinking skills for inquisitive kids and iImaginative adults alike.

Up for pre-order tonight, Sifteo Cubes are motion-aware 1.5″ blocks that sport full-color displays on them, where they will “talk” wirelessly with a PC during play so that unique interactions can be conjured on the spot when shaken, tilted, rotated and neighbored next to one another. The company intends to push forward its agenda of Intelligent Play, which is an evolution of entertainment and learning that merges familiar physical interactions, innovative technology and engaging titles.

We do wonder how far the human brain will develop from this, and will these kids actually be smarter than Einstein when they grow up?

The Sifteo Pack will come with a trio of Sifteo cubes, a Sifteo charging dock and a USB radio link, playing nice with both Mac and Windows platforms. It will retail for $149, while you can always pick up additional Sifteo cubes for $45 a pop. [Press Release]

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