Just what is so special about the Smartype keyboard? For starters, the Smartype keyboard will come with a long narrow display which is capable of showing off what you type as you type it, delivering an overall improved typing experience while the viewable real estate is useful to work with other tiny apps. Developers of the Smartype keyboard claim that this display will help reduce typing errors since you are able to see exactly what you type without having to move your head, and unsurprisingly, it might result in speeding up your typing prowess.

Apart from that, more ergonomic reasons include a reduction in eye and neck strain, while an increase in concentration levels should be part of the benefits since you experience less distraction when you type. No idea on whether productivity levels will increase, as this is greatly dependent on the user. The Smartype keyboard ought to cost a Benjamin thereabouts when available. This is nice and good, but what happens when you use someone else’s computer without the Smartype keyboard? Isn’t that going to reduce your productivity and speed? I guess sticking to Typing of the Dead to improve your typing skills would be a far better option, don’t you think so?

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