The Sony Xperia SL has started to show up in a couple of new colors, and this smartphone, also known as the LT26ii if you are a sucker for model numbers, is tipped to oust the current Sony Xperia S, where it will ship with a faster-clocked 1.7GHz dual-core processor alongside the MSM8260 chipset to keep it company. Just what are the two new colors that the Sony Xperia SL come in? We are looking at silver and pink shades that will keep company the existing black and white colors of the Sony Xperia S. There is every chance that the image which you see above could eventually turn out to be a fake, just like what happened in the past, so we will take this with a grain of salt at the moment and hopefully, sometime down the road, something else might turn up unexpectedly to confirm that the Sony Xperia SL will indeed, arrive in a couple more colors that some might love, while others hate.


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