If you want to teach your kids that saving money is a good habit while making it a fun experience at the same time, or if you’re just too huge a Mario fan to pass this up, then you might be interested to learn that Media Factory will be releasing a series of Super Mario Bros. piggy banks. However unlike regular piggy banks where it merely involves the dropping of the coin in the slot, Media Factory’s offerings will play sounds as well! In case it wasn’t obvious enough, the sounds played will be that of the classic coin sound when Mario bumps a brick, a mushroom sound, a pipe sound, a game over sound and more. It’s a bit ironic that the coin sound plays when coins go in the piggy bank, but we’re sure that Mario fans will still have a blast with it anyway; the game over sound is a bit worrying though. In any case these piggy banks have been released today and are priced at ¥399 (~$5). No word if you will be able to get your hands on it outside of Japan, but you might want to keep your eyes peeled anyway.

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