When it comes to menus, there aren’t exactly a lot of restaurants out there that provides their menu in braille for the visually impaired. While it is possible for the person’s date or the server to read the menu out, it might not be so practical at times. That being said, designers Liu Jie, Wen Ho & Liu Dongming have come up with a concept braille menu called the Odor Menu which features an EAP (Electric Active Plastic) screen that changes with different items in the menu and will be displayed in braille. While that concept alone is a pretty good one, here’s the kicker – the Odor Menu will also have the ability to release a smell of the dish that they are considering. For example if you wanted to order the macaroni and cheese, it will be able to release an odor of the dish to give you an idea of what to expect. We’re not sure how they plan to incorporate an entire menu’s worth of smells into the tiny device, but it certainly is pretty novel! While it seems to have been designed for the visually impaired in mind, we expect that its novelty can also be appreciated by others as well. What do you think?


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