If you’re a fan of Lego and Google’s Android mobile platform, then you and GLHTurbo both have something in common. Now it seems that in a demonstration of his love for both Lego and Android, he has painstakingly pieced together a Lego model of the Android mascot (pictured above). Using a total of 205 bricks, this Lego Android model not only looks pretty good, but has articulation as well. Its head can be turned, so can its arms and its antennae. GLHTurbo is also planning a future developer version that comes with a flying rocket/jet pack which we assume will be made out of Lego as well.


Now the interesting thing is that GLHTurbo plans to submit his design to Lego to make it an official Lego figurine, which we’re sure will sit well with Android fans out there who love collecting all things Android related. However in order to make Lego take notice of his efforts, he has launched a CUUSOO project which is essentially Kickstarter for Lego. He needs to hit 10,000 supporters before it can even be considered, so if you’d like to be able to purchase this Lego figurine from a hobby store or a toy shop one day, pop on over to CUUSOO to lend your support!

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