Nintendo hasn’t revealed the official release data of its upcoming Wii U console so far. However, a few hints from GameStop, an eminent accessory maker for game console, seem to suggest that the console will be released during the third week of November.

In the past, Nintendo has often scheduled many of its big release on Sundays. Interestingly, GameStop is planning the release of Wii U peripherals of the Nintendo console on Sunday, November 18th. Normally, it wouldn’t make sense for GameStop to schedule the launch on a weekday unless Nintendo itself had plans of launching the console on the same day.

While that of course remains an inferred hint, a November 18th release for Wii U would actually make a lot of sense for Nintendo. A number of rumors in the past have speculated that Nintendo would probably want the console to hit the shelves before Black Friday arrives.

This year, the Black Friday falls on November 30th. It usually marks the busiest shopping time of the year. So if Nintendo indeed launches the console on November 18th, it will have time to get the word out and entice the users to purchase the console during the shopping spree on Black Friday.

Although we don’t have any official word on the release date from Nintendo yet, the company has an event lined up for New York City during the second week of September. We can expect Nintendo to reveal a few basic details such as pricing, release data and other specification during the event.

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