Recently, there has been talk of Google launching a rental service for its Chromebook machines. And now the company has indeed launched such a service, starting at $30 per month.

$30 per month may sound quite a lot to many users but the good news for corporate clients, who typically would want to make use of such a rental service, is that the rates dip by each passing year. For the first year, it is $30 per month for the Chromebooks. For the second year, the rates come down to $25 per month. Finally, if you wish to continue using their laptops for the third year, the rentals drop to $20 per month.

The good thing about the rentals being offered by Google on Chromebooks is that they don’t come with any binding contract. The contract is refreshed on a monthly basis, so if you wish to give up using one of these machines at a given month, you can simply hand it back by the end of the month.

Alongside the rentals, Google has also made available bulk purchase of these machines. You can get the Chromebooks for $599 apiece in bulk purchase, a price which may seem high to an average user but may be easily affordable by corporate clients.

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