Too often that not, we have wanted to record what the other person is saying so as to furnish the conversation some time in the future, as a proof or perhaps for fun. However, that may not always work out if the other person gets to know about it.

While there are a number of voice-recording apps and functions in regular smartphones, a stand-alone voice recorder which is very well-disguised is still a better option. Edic-mini Tiny b22 is precisely that, a really tiny micro digital voice recorder.

It is nearly an inch in size and weighs approximately the same as a large coin. This means that it is highly portable and can be tooled casually, as a key chain for instance. The range of this nifty device is remarkable – it can record sounds up to 30 feet away.

A fresh battery can let it last for 30 hours of non-stop voice recording whereas a voice-activated mode can stretch that to 70 hours. One tiny glitch is that it packs a USB 1.1 port which means that the data transfer from the recorder to, say, your laptop can be quite slow. Moreover, it is rather expensive at $440, as interesting as it may be. So unless you are on a real spying mission, wanting to record a conversation discreetly, you may want to go with the cheaper options. Otherwise, you can go ahead and make the purchase at Amazon.

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