If you find it difficult to get your kids to bed, perhaps it is time to try something novel. Something as different as say, a floating bed? Now, this does sound a wee bit kinky considering how we are referring to childrens’ beds here, but basically, this floating bed has a far more practical use – when in need of space, you can stash it right into the ceiling, now how about that? All right, so this bed does not float on some sort of mag-lev technology, but rather, it remains suspended as though it hangs by a thin linen curtain as seen above, although it will not be too far a stretch of one’s imagination that there are unseen metal wires or rods behind the scenes here.

Electricity seems to be the prime antagonist in retracting the bed into the ceiling directly, and once there, it will be held in place, only to play out its secondary role – functioning as a decorative piece of ceiling artwork while clearing up a whole lot of space in that particular room. This “floating” bed should enter mass production sometime down the road, but I do hope it is safe enough to remain tucked in the ceiling for months on end!

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