Humans are social creatures, and when working together as a team, the synergy delivers far more than what individuals are able to deliver. Having said that, Google Spreadsheets in Google Docs has been quite useful for me all this while, but when working within the context of a group, it is always better to do so in person than virtually. Just in case circumstances do not allow for everyone to meet, Google has introduced the ability to add discussions into your spreadsheets, making it less boring and more informative during your virtual shared spreadsheet sessions.


Basically, if a cell has a comment by someone, an orange triangle can be seen in the upper right corner. Hover the cursor over said cell, and the full discussion will be revealed. The total number of comments are also counted and tallied at the bottom of the screen on the sheet tab. Curious to know what everyone has been talking about? Hover the cursor over the comment icon and you’re privy to all that has happened.

Not only that, you are also able to +mention someone to in order to include them in a discussion automatically, as well as through a notification via email. Do you see yourself as more productive with the introduction of discussions in Google spreadsheets?

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