Teens Are Starting To Repurpose Google Docs For Chatting

Google Docs is Google’s answer to a word processor, although given its online nature it means that users can collaborate with each other and where edits and changes made to the document can be seen in real-time. So much so that according to a report from The Atlantic, teens have been repurposing Google Docs as a means to chat with each other.

Google Docs Now Introducing Grammar Suggestions

Word processing applications such as Microsoft Word typically come with their own built-in grammar suggestion tools. This means that as you type, it will be able to pick up on any grammatical errors you might be making and suggest ways to correct it. Now it looks like that feature will be making its way onto Google Docs.

How To Create And Edit Microsoft Word Documents Online

Once upon a time, editing a Word document – or any text file for that matter – online was quite the painstaking process, that often led to using a subscription-based platform.Now though – or for the last few years, to be precise -, a wide range of practical free options are available, some of which have been developed by major tech companies. In this tutorial, we are going to be […]

Google Explains What Caused Google Docs To Lock Out Users

You might have experienced this yesterday when trying to work on your drafts in Google Docs. An unexplained bug was locking users out of their documents and initially, it wasn’t clear what was causing this behavior. Google has now explained what was causing Google Docs to lock users out of the documents that they were trying to edit.


Unexplained Google Docs Bug Locking Users Out Of Drafts

If you’re a frequent user of Google Docs you might have experienced this today. Many users have taken to social media to report an unexplained Google Docs bug that’s locking them out of their drafts when they try to edit the documents. Not only are they locked out, but they also receive a notification that makes no sense in most cases. The notification warns them that the document they’re trying […]

Convincing Google Docs Phishing Scam Is Making Its Rounds

If you’ve recently received a Google Docs email from a contact that you know, you might want to clarify with them if they really sent it to you. This is because according to reports, a number of users have been receiving such emails but in reality, these are phishing scams that have disguised themselves to look like a Google Docs invite email.

How to Change Margins In Google Docs

If you own a Chromebook or if you want to collaborate online to work on any documents, Google Docs is a tool that works well and many people opt for that choice. Google Docs is a simple yet powerful online tool which lets you easily format your document. However, its interface is different from other word processors, and a number of people try to figure out how to change the […]

Google Docs Update Makes It Easier To Write Your Term Paper

When it comes to writing term papers in school, the importance of citing your sources is important. The format of the citation is also equally just as important as different types of academic papers may call for different styles of citation. We understand that it is pretty confusing, but not to worry as Google Docs will make your life easier.

How To Unshare One Or Multiple Google Docs Quickly

I get this question all the time: people have employees, interns or contractors in the office, share a bunch of possibly sensitive documents, then scramble to unshare everything after the workers are gone. The number of documents is sometimes overwhelming – but fret not, it’s easy to mass-unshare documents if you need to, here’s how.

Google Docs Now Lets You Share Files With Expiration Dates

Google Docs is a great online resource for sharing documents with multiple users and collaborating with them in real-time. Document owners have full control over who they want to provide access to which they can then revoke once the job has been done. Google is now making it easier to provide limited access to your documents, they can be shared with an expiration date, and once that date expires the […]

Google Docs Gets Outline Tool

Google Docs has received a new feature today on the web and on the Android app. The outline tool is displayed in a pane to the left of the page and it features headers for every section of the document. This enables users to jump quickly from section to section without having to scroll through the entire document to get to a particular section of the document.

Google Docs Now Lets You Edit And Format With Your Voice

It’s much easier to dictate something than to type it out yourself but not all of us have secretaries at our beck and call to type up our stuff for us. If you’re not in the mood to type you can use the voice typing feature in Google Docs to dictate whatever it is you want to write. Starting today the voice typing feature in Google Docs is even better […]

Dropbox’s Paper Wants To Take Google Docs On

The name “Paper’ has been used in quite a few apps and services these days. For example there’s the Paper app by FiftyThree. There’s also Paper by Facebook, and now it seems that Dropbox wants in on the name as well and has announced a new feature also called Paper, which basically will take Google Docs head on.Paper is currently in beta and what it does is it acts as […]

Google Docs Updated With Search Integration And Voice Recognition

If you’re a heavy user of Google Docs because you love being able to automatically save your work in the cloud, or maybe you love the collaborative features which is great for work and school, you might be pleased to learn that Google has recently announced that they have made some pretty big changes to the online productivity suite.How, you ask? For starters the Research tool in Google Docs will […]