With every new iPhone and version of iOS, iPhone owners dedicated to Cydia get nervous over whether Apple will patch holes needed to add an unlocked bootlocker. With iOS 6, it’s looking good–the iPhone 4 and 3GS were unlocked yesterday, and today, a few iPhone developers have taken to Twitter to claim that they’ve added Cydia to an iPhone 5. It’s not up for download yet, but if the screenshot is any indication, it should be soon.

iOS developer Grant Paul took to Twitter and posted “Taller screens like Cydia too,”  adding a screenshot that you’re seeing above. If iOS 6 on the iPhone 5 has in fact already been jailbroken, it was much faster than iOS 5, which took several months
. We’ll be monitoring the situation closely, and when you can download the iPhone 5 jailbreak, you’ll see it here.

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