Who would have thought that someone who lived (OK, so he is royalty, I will grant him that) in the 16th century would be able to wield influence from beyond the grave in terms of design, culminating in the gold-plated PC that you see above? Talk about merging not only the old, but the ancient with modern day technology. George Chirita was inspired by King Louis XVI, where he shared, “It was about creating a computer which was much more stylish, in harmony and concorde with the interior design, but in the end I realised the computer had become a pretext to create a real decorative object to enhance our surroundings.”

Looks are not all this gold-plated PC is famous for, but rather, it is capable of churning out enough processing power to get the job done. Of course, don’t expect this to beat high end gaming PCs, but if you are going to just use this to check your emails and watch YouTube videos, it should pack more than enough to get the job done, and done well. Some of Chirita’s customers are unsurprisingly European royalty, and individuals with high net worth from China and the Middle East. Prices start from 17,000 Euros and goes north from there.

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