I have a healthy amount of respect for couples in long distance relationships that last over the years, and they tie the knot eventually. Surely each of us know at least one of such couples, and the LovePalz device might be the perfect parting-away gift. It is an extremely intimate two-way pleasure device, enabling couples to simulate sex regardless of where they are – with a decent Internet connection on hand, of course. ‘Hera’ is meant for the ladies, while ‘Zues’ will target the men.


Needless to say, using it should be a no-brainer, where partners will place their own device over his or her erogenous zone, hooking it up to the LovePalz iPhone app. Hmmm, guess having an iPhone is a prerequisite at this point in time, but that’s besides the point. When connected, the process commences, where the device mimics hip movements made by one partner, while recreating a similar movement on the other’s device in real-time. It can also take into account thrusting speed on the female’s device via an automatic piston, while pressure on the male’s device is controlled using an air pump motor.

A pair of these cost $94.95, sporting a personal name engraving service and unique serial number to boot. It should be waterproof for you to clean up afterwards, I presume, and at least it is not as creepy as a robot love doll.

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