The ‘geotagging’ feature has been around for quite some time, being used to add locational information to photos on social networks. To take things a step further, you will soon be able to geotag your ‘feelings’ to let your friends see how you felt at a particular place.

Neurowear intends to accomplish precisely that. With the help of the neurowear gear, you can have an app automatically discern your mental states and geotag them accordingly on a map. For instance, if you felt happy at a dinner, the app would show that on the map through a happy cartoon face.

All you have to do is put up a Mindwave mobile headset which would read your ‘feelings’ and feed the data to an iPhone app. The headset will essentially discern the various relaxation levels. So if you are stressed, it would register a low relaxation level and you may get a sad smiley tagged to that location on your geotag map.

For now, the Neurowear has been demonstrated only through an early prototype. So we are far from any actual Neurowear gear hitting the market. Nonetheless, it can add a very interesting dimension to the world of online social interactions.

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