With so many tech gadgets available today, it often becomes hard to keep track of all the data across all these devices. For your 24/7 work, you need to have a smartphone. A laptop needed for more professional tasks whereas a tablet has to be there to be carried along. Finally, a PC is also a must-have for some heavy-duty work and hard-core gaming.

Asus tried to come up with an apt solution when it unveiled its PadFone. PadFone is essentially a smartphone-tablet-laptop. It is basically a smartphone which can be turned into a tablet, and finally into a laptop with the help of additional extensions. But the NexPhone Project aims to take things a step even farther.It envisions a smartphone that can be turned into a tablet, a laptop and even a PC. All this can be done by essentially docking the smartphone to different devices. For instance, if you connect up the basic smartphone with the ‘NexTablet’, it becomes a tablet.

If you hook up the smartphone with the ‘NexLaptop’, it turns into a laptop. Finally, to get your PC working, you simply have to connect the smartphone with NexMonitor. The idea is to remove all the clutter of managing data across many different devices. You are able to use the same data across all devices, with the same SIM card and data plan.

The software that the NexPhone will tool is going to be Ubuntu for Android. For now, the project is still trying to raise funds to realize this idea into an actual product. It is expected that if the crowdfunding efforts bear fruit, NexPhone may hit the shelves by 2013. Of course, ideas are cheap, but realizing them is very hard – we can’t wait to see what they come up with.

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