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ASUS PadFone Infinity Lite Launched
ASUS has an entire lineup of tablet and smartphone hybrids that it calls the PadFone. Just last month two additions were made to the lineup, the PadFone Mini and the PadFone E. Today yet another model has been launched which sticks to the core philosophy of merging together a smartphone and a tablet, while allowing users to separate the two whenever they want. The PadFone Infinity Lite has been launched today, […]

ASUS PadFone Set To Arrive Stateside
I don’t know about you, but my experience with ASUS products have not exactly been happy ones. The hinge on my ASUS notebook popped open one fine day without any warning, where the other hinge followed a couple of weeks later – and I was apparently informed by the ASUS service center here that “it happens”, without any explanation as to why it happened. Still, I am quite sure that […]

ASUS Reveals PadFone Infinity Featuring Quad-Core CPU, Full HD Display
ASUS teased the world with its latest 8-second trailer, which was used to briefly introduce its PadFone Infinity. The teaser video shows the smartphone portion of the PadFone Infinity shooting out from its tablet, and that’s pretty much it. Today, ASUS has finally unveiled its PadFone Infinity and it looks to be a major improvement over the PadFone.

ASUS Creating New PadFones, FonePads and MemoFone HD 5
ASUS released its PadFone and FonePad, which are devices we still get confused as to which device is which based on their names, earlier this year. But it looks like those weren’t the only mobile devices the company had planned to announce this year as the MemoFone HD 5 has been leaked.MemoFone HD 5’s leak was caught by Engadget who obtained a leaked slide that showed the company’s upcoming smartphone strategy. […]


Samsung Works On A New PadFone-Like Tablet?
Samsung is suspected to be working on a new PadFone-like device.

ASUS Padfone Hands-On Review
[MWC 2013] In Barcelona, ASUS has landed a big announcement (and product) with the new Padfone smartphone/tablet combo. It’s not that we did not expect this new product, since ASUS launched the whole concept here at a previous Mobile World Congress, but we did not expect this level of craftsmanship which is absolutely stunning: ASUS has simply outdone itself with this ultra high-end design, and a unique concept.The Padfone concept […]

NexPhone Combines the functionality of smartphone, tablet, laptop and PC
With so many tech gadgets available today, it often becomes hard to keep track of all the data across all these devices. For your 24/7 work, you need to have a smartphone. A laptop needed for more professional tasks whereas a tablet has to be there to be carried along. Finally, a PC is also a must-have for some heavy-duty work and hard-core gaming.Asus tried to come up with an […]

ASUS Padfone receives new OTA update
Personally, I don’t know too many people who own the ASUS Padfone, but if you’re one of them, expect a new over the air update to start rolling out to your device this week. The new update brings your phone/tablet up to Android 4.0.4 (no Jelly Bean yet) in addition to some important changes. The update improves system stability and optimizes operating performance, dynamic display switch performance, power consumption, camera […]

Asus Padfone arrives in the US for $860
There are tablets, and then there are tablets. The Asus Padfone has been touted by some to be one of the different tablets out there, although the specifications are not exactly groundbreaking when you place it side-by-side with other high end tablets in the market. I would suppose the “difference” has something to do with the form factor, not to mention its chameleon-like capability to be able to work with […]

ASUS PadFone gets priced and ready for pre-orders in Taiwan starting tomorrow
Back at MWC when ASUS paraded the PadFone again, it was announced that the device would start shipping in April. Keeping true to their word, it would appear that the PadFone will be available for pre-orders in Taiwan starting tomorrow. Based on the prices, residents in Taiwan can expect to fork out NT$17,990 (~$610) for the phone itself, NT$24,980 (~$850) for the tablet set including the headset and stylus, and […]

ASUS debunks £700 Padfone price rumor
Are you guys looking forward to getting your hands on the ASUS Padfone? The device was spotted at MWC (check out our preview) but unfortunately its pricing has yet to be revealed. However it seems that an online retailer might have gotten ahead of itself and has priced the upcoming ASUS Padfone at a whopping £700, which is about $1,100 when converted. Ouch indeed! Naturally this did not sit well […]

Asus PadFone Preview (updated with video)
[MWC 2012] The Asus PadFone is one of the more interesting concepts of this show: PadFone is a smartphone that turns into a tablet, which turns into a laptop. Interestingly, the concept has been thought about before, but Asus is the first company that has an actual implementation that works, at least it works enough to make it worth your time. You will ultimately decide if it is worth your […]

ASUS Padfone shown off on video
[CES 2012] The ASUS Padfone wasn’t slated to make an appearance at CES 2012, but it looks like a demo unit managed to sneak its way into the show because the folks over at managed to shoot a quick hands-on video of the device. While it was still an early demo, it seems to be working pretty well, with the tablet-smartphone integration functional when it comes to playing videos. […]

ASUS Transformer Prime Mini to be unveiled at CES?
We’re only a week away from the Consumer Electronics Show 2012, and we’re hearing rumors about what will be shown off at the event. The folks over at have reported that we’ll be seeing a trio of devices from ASUS next week. First up we have the ASUS Transformer Prime Mini. Touted as a smaller version to the highly-acclaimed convertible tablet, the Transformer Prime, it will feature a 7″ […]