OstrichIt was slightly more than a year ago when we covered the story on the Ostrich Pillow, where one needs not bury one’s head in the sand if you want to keep out the noise and goings-on around you at the office. That was still a concept then, but thanks to a Kickstarter project, the Ostrich Pillow has already met half of its $70,000 goal in just half a dozen days. Throw in $75 into the Ostrich Pillow’s lot and you will be able to pick one up when it is ready.

It seems to be a fun pillow to have if you want to catch a quick cat nap while keeping out all of the noise and light from around you. I sure hope that it will be easy to breathe in this thing though, as folks who suffer from a degree of claustrophobia might want to give this a pass. Alternatively, you can just drop a few dollars at the local IKEA, sew some pillows together that covers your ears and eyes, and you’ve got a sorry excuse for the Ostrich Pillow. Still far more comfortable than burying your head in a bucket of sand, for sure.

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