Samsung logoYesterday we reported that according to the rumor mill, it seems that Samsung could be set on unveiling the Galaxy S4 at MWC 2013 which is certainly pretty exciting news for fans. However it turns out that perhaps this particular Galaxy S4 might not be on the money as Samsung has taken to Twitter to clarify the issue. Posted in Korean, it roughly translates to, “Please note that some media reported speculation that the Galaxy S Ⅲ subsequent models will be released in a simple rumor is not true. … why spread these rumors?” Given that we’re still pretty far off from the Galaxy S4’s alleged release, we’re not that surprised to learn that this rumor was a dud which is why we usually caution against buying into them and taking them with a grain of salt. So it looks like this particular Galaxy S4’s rumor is dead, but we expect more will pop up in the future which are hopefully more accurate, so be sure to check back with us at a later date for the updates!

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