We’re not sure what it is with the cat tails in Japanese culture, but they are pretty popular and have shown up in anime, video games and have even inspired people to wear them in their cosplays. In fact it was a few months back that we reported on a cat tail accessory that would sway to your pulse rate. Perhaps looking to take that up a notch, a Japanese company by the name of Neurowear has introduced a wearable accessory known as “Shippo”, which apparently also means “tail” in Japanese. Instead of following your pulse rate like the previous accessory, this one will read your brain waves and will wag according to your mood!

Your mood is read by an app which at the same time will tag your location. This allows the user and their friends to search for other places where other Shippo wearers have been and have determined to be relaxing. To complete the getup, wearers of Shippo will also need to use the brain wave reader along with a heart rate monitor that clips to the wearer’s earlobe. Neurowear’s Shippo was unveiled at the Tokyo Game Show in its prototype form and unfortunately there was no word on when it will be released or how much it will cost.

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