If there ever was a Resident Evil style outbreak in the real world, and the undead roamed the earth, you can call upon Mark Zuckerberg and company to help exterminate the zombie population. After all, they have had experience by removing zombie Facebook fans, causing a severe disruption in “Likes” throughout the social network environment. For instance, Rihanna is down by 22,000 fans, and the same applies to Shakira. Lady Gaga has 32,000 fewer people liking her as of today, and Zynga’s Texas HoldEm Poker might want to fold after knowing that they are down by 100,000 fans.


All of this happened because Facebook began to get serious and crack down on fake users, fake accounts, and fake Likes. This effort has been ongoing for a while, where Facebook claims that this is to make sure that only real people, made out of flesh and blood, are connecting with real brands. The average figure for removal of Likes on any Page stands at under 1% at this point in time.

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