It seems that Amazon’s Kindle Paperwhite is a major success among the users of e-readers. The online retail giant launched the e-reader with backlit display which packs a higher resolution, only a while ago. The touchscreen of the e-reader is also a lot better than the earlier e-readers from Amazon which enables the users to turn the page of an e-book or navigate through the interface a lot faster.

Apparently, Amazon wasn’t anticipating the kind of success this e-reader has garnered, or at least wasn’t prepared for it. The company has ran out of stock of the Kindle Paperwhite e-readers and has updated the shipping delays to four to six weeks.

It is no surprise that this e-reader has been able to grab such immediate success. When Kindle released the product, the web was abuzz with the rather stunning backlit display of Kindle Paperwhite, a feature which lets you read e-books even in the darkest nooks and corners.

The delay in shipping estimate shows that the company wasn’t hoping for the kind of response users have given to the e-reader. Shipping delays typically occur when the sales outdo the pace of a company’s supply chain, and this seems to be the case with Kindle Paperwhite.

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