If there is one thing that some folks tend to slack out on in terms of personal hygiene, it would be brushing one’s set of pearly whites (maybe it is not that white any more with all the coffee you’ve been drinking and cigarettes you’re smoking) before one goes to bed. Perhaps you need a little bit of incentive, a push, and the Beam Brush might fit the bill perfectly. This Bluetooth-enabled toothbrush will rely on an app to keep track of your brushing habits, and when accumulated, you can pick up real rewards.


Not only that, to make sure that you spend enough time scrubbing the insides of your mouth, the Beam Brush will play back a couple of minutes of music, while a tracking sensor goes to work to track your brushing habits. Among the rewards that you can pick up include video games, movie tickets, deals on purses, shoes and clothes – not surprisingly, there is no free candy. The Beam Brush prides itself in being the first app-connected toothbrush, and its app runs on Android or iOS platforms. Sorry BlackBerry and Windows Phone users, you’ll have to sit out on this one.

Pre-orders for the Beam Brush start from $35 onwards, but when the Beam Brush launches in November, it will cost $50 a pop. This makes the adage of being an early worm catching the worm more true than ever.

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