Everyone wants to go green these days, it is not only the in thing, but doing so makes plenty of sense as well. After all, we do want to leave an earth that is worth inhabiting on for the next generation, right? Here is one prime example where other buildings can follow – the BIQ house in Germany that was specially designed for the International Building Exhibition in Hamburg. What does the BIQ house have that other houses don’t? For starters, it comes with a ‘bio-adaptive façade’ that relies on microalgae in order to generate renewable energy while providing shade. This zero-energy house is being constructed at the moment, and when completed, will be the epitome of a real-life test for the new façade system.

Algae in the bio-reactor façades are able to grow and multiply faster than ever in bright sunlight so that more shade can be provided. The bio-reactors will be able to provide juice to the building by capturing solar thermal heat while producing biomass which can be harvested later on. Designed by Splitterwerk Architects, in collaboration with Colt International, Arup, and SSC, we do hope to see the completion of this building happen on time by next March.

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