One cannot seem to run or hide away from the Gangnam Style dance fever, where the human overseers of the CHARLI-2 robot has decided to program it to dance to the tune of South Korean rapper Psy’s viral hit song. Granted, a robot does not really fare that well when it comes to performing a pseudo horse dance, and there are not hot booties to look forward to, but at least you know that robots will no longer live a dreary life in the future should we end up integrating them into society as in Star Wars.

The Robotics & Mechanisms Laboratory at Virginia Tech have certainly done their bit to ensure that despite it being a Monday, you can always kick start the week on a light and right note, and there is nothing quite like the infectious beat of Gangnam Style music to get you bopping without a care in the world. Heck, it is even capable of performing the lasso-style move, and we do wonder whether future robots that respond to music will have a Gangnam Style Easter Egg incorporated.

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