While there have been several game pads for iOS devices, it looks like as far as officially approved game pads are concerned, the Duo Gamer might be it. This is a joint effort by the folks at Discovery Bay Games and popular developer, Gameloft, who has released plenty of games on both iOS and Android to date. However given that this has Gameloft’s name written on it, we expect that it probably doesn’t come as a surprise to find out that the Duo Gamer is compatible with just Gameloft’s games. It’s kind of a bummer, we know, but given that Gameloft has plenty of games behind their name, like Asphalt 7, N.O.V.A.3  and etc., you won’t find yourself with a lack of games to play.

The game pad itself is rather simplistic in nature and will come with a D-pad, two analog sticks and four buttons for you to mash. It also comes with a Gameloft-branded stand which can be used to prop up your iOS device while playing which we have to admit is a pretty good idea. We’re not sure how well the Duo Gamer handles, but you can expect to be able to get your hands on it via various retailers such as Amazon, Best Buy, Target and Apple and it should be priced at $79.99. It will also be available internationally in the Fall of 2012. It’s admittedly pretty pricey but if you play many Gameloft games then perhaps you can justify its cost.

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