gameloft-logoEarlier this week, staff at Gameloft’s Indonesian office were certainly given a rude awakening after they had their office in Yogyakarta raided by the police. Apparently, everyone was busy with their usual routines, working out various game testing and development aspects, before they had some undercover Indonesian police drop by unexpectedly. Since the police made an attempt to search through the entire building sans a legal warrant, they were denied entry. Not too long after that, a second group of police officers who were dressed in a full police uniform, complete with warrants, dropped by to perform the search.

The reason behind this shocking search would be, the local community who live around the Gameloft office had reported it to officials, citing it to be an “online gambling den”. The police then acted on these reports, combing through the office in a thorough manner, before coming to the conclusion that those reports made earlier were baseless, making their way out of the office afterwards.

Police commissioner Aryuniwati did confirm concerning the attempted bust, and word has it that a policeman had even let his fist fly in the direction of the building’s security guards in the face, when they were denied entry due to the lack of a search warrant. The perils of working for a game company…

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