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Gameloft Launches Dungeon Hunter Champions
MOBA titles on mobile devices are extremely popular these days, so it’s not surprising that Gameloft is getting in on the action by announcing the release of Dungeon Hunter Champions.  For those unfamiliar, Dungeon Hunter is an RPG franchise by Gameloft which has spawned several titles on mobile.

Popular Mobile Game Publisher Gameloft Shutters Its New York Studio
Chances are if you have played games on your mobile device, there is a distinct possibility that you could have played a title belonging to Gameloft. The company is behind popular mobile games like Siegefall and Dungeon Hunter, along with comic book tie-ins like Spider-Man Unlimited.Unfortunately it seems that all good things must come to an end. According to a report from Gamasutra, it seems that Gameloft will be shutting […]

Gameloft Release Dungeon Hunter 5 Gameplay Footage
The Dungeon Hunter franchise was one of the more impressive action RPG games available on mobile, especially during its early versions where it demonstrated the types of games that gamers could look forward to as far as mobile games were concerned. It also served to highlight that just because it was mobile, it doesn’t have to be simple.To date the folks at Gameloft have released four Dungeon Hunter titles and […]

Gameloft Office Mistaken For Gambling Den In Indonesian Police Raid
Earlier this week, staff at Gameloft’s Indonesian office were certainly given a rude awakening after they had their office in Yogyakarta raided by the police. Apparently, everyone was busy with their usual routines, working out various game testing and development aspects, before they had some undercover Indonesian police drop by unexpectedly. Since the police made an attempt to search through the entire building sans a legal warrant, they were denied […]


Nokia & Gameloft Are Giving Nokia X Owners €40 Worth Of Games
As many of you guys are aware, Nokia has a lineup of Android devices that falls under the Nokia X family. These are hardly the most powerful Android devices around and presumably they were created to help Microsoft gain some market share in developing markets where low-end devices are high in demand due to their affordability.

Gameloft Thinking About Implementing Immersive Mode For Its Android Games
One of the more welcome features of Android 4.4 KitKat would be its “immersive mode”. Basically what this does is that it hides the notification bar and the navigation panel as well, allowing users to enjoy apps full screen without any distractions, hence the the immersion into the app/game. Well the good news for Android gamers is that Gameloft, a developer of many popular mobile games, is considering adding immersive […]

Gameloft Announces Official Iron Man 3 Game For iOS And Android
If you are a fan of the Iron Man series of movies, chances are you probably can’t wait to catch Iron Man 3 upon its release. For those who consider themselves more hardcore fans, the folks at Gameloft have announced the Iron Man 3 game will be making its way onto iOS and Android devices on the 25th of April. From what we can see in the trailer video, it […]

Gameloft Optimizes Popular Titles For BlackBerry 10 Platform
Do you think that the recently introduced BlackBerry 10 operating system is set to be a success? The quick answer from me would be yes, although the size of its success is surely far more difficult to predict. However, Windows Phone 8 might want to look over their shoulders, and it is encouraging to see and hear that developers too, want in on the BlackBerry 10 pie, and leading global […]

Gameloft's Wild Blood For Android & iOS Now Selling For $0.99
Now here’s something to keep you busy during the holiday season. Gameloft is now offering its first ever mobile game based on the Unreal Engine 3 for only $0.99. Yes, that’s $6 off from its original price of $6.99. Gameloft says that the $0.99 price will only be available for a limited time, so it’s best to grab the opportunity now. However, do note that the game requires around 2GB […]

EA and Gameloft announce their support of Google's Nexus devices by optimizing their games
One of the drawbacks to Android devices is that because there are so many different types of Android phones and tablets out there, with different hardware and different dimensions, developers usually have a hard time creating apps that will play nice with every Android phone or tablet out there. Well the good news is that if you were planning on picking up any of Google’s Nexus devices – the Nexus […]

Gameloft launching 12 popular games on Windows Phone 8
Gameloft, the popular French video game game developer and publisher, has just announced that it will bringing 12 of its most popular video games to Microsoft’s latest mobile operating system. The said titles, which includes Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour and N.O.V.A. 3: Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance, are optimized with new Xbox features for Windows Phone 8 and will allow users to access Xbox leaderboards and Xbox Achievements.Other titles include […]

Gameloft's Duo Gamer is an Apple-sanctioned game pad for iOS devices
While there have been several game pads for iOS devices, it looks like as far as officially approved game pads are concerned, the Duo Gamer might be it. This is a joint effort by the folks at Discovery Bay Games and popular developer, Gameloft, who has released plenty of games on both iOS and Android to date. However given that this has Gameloft’s name written on it, we expect that […]

Gameloft's Wild Blood now available for download on iTunes, coming to Android soon
Yesterday we reported that Gameloft’s Wild Blood game could be making its way onto iTunes App Stores around the world today, and it certainly looks like that is the case! If you love Gameloft’s offerings so far, then Wild Blood is a Gameloft game you might want to get in on, especially since it will be powered by the Unreal Engine which means that gamers can look forward to some […]

Gameloft's Wild Blood could be available for iOS tomorrow
A couple of weeks ago, we reported that Gameloft had released a gameplay footage video of their Unreal Engine powered game, Wild Blood. A release date had yet to be mentioned then, but according to the folks at Pocket Gamer, it seems that if you’re on iOS and you’re looking forward to playing the game, you should be able to do so tomorrow because the game has already been released […]