Photography can be said to be an extremely creative hobby, and it can take years to master even, but how about some moments in life where you cannot be trained to capture? These impromptu memories can always be preserved via Memoto, a new kind of wearable camera that is very small, sports GPS support and an accelerometer within. Hailing from the same land that spawned Ikea and Volvo, the Memoto intelligent micro-device will be able to capture all moments of your life in photo keyframes, where you can always return to these spontaneous shots at any point in time thanks to Memoto’s innovative web service and mobile application.

Measuring roughly the size of a postage stamp, the Memoto camera is a snap to integrate into your daily life. First of all, you hook it up to your clothing using a small stainless steel metal clip, where it captures moments in your life as it happens, opening up a whole new world of possibilities along the way. The ultimate goal of Memoto is to “document meaningful moments in your own life history”, and when connected to your computer, it will start to upload the photos taken to the Memoto Web Service automatically. Photos are taken every 30 seconds in 5-megapixel shots, showing off GPS positions and timestamps to boot. Make sure you recharge it once every two days, as that is how long the integrated rechargeable battery lasts. Touted to arrive from early 2013 onwards, the Memoto will come in Graphite grey, Arctic white and Memoto orange colors for $279 a pop.

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