One of the key uses to which most users put their mobile devices is to stay ahead of the latest news updates. Smartphone and tablet users extensively use their devices to subscribe to different news sources so as to get national as well as international news in real-time.


Considering these trends, the apps development company, Mobiles Republic, recently undertook a survey which aimed at quantizing the users’ news-reading habits. News Republic gathered some very interesting statistics which it then turned into an infographic.

According to the survey results, of the total respondents, 8.4% users seek to read national news on their tablets while another 6.4 percent want to stay abreast of the tech updates. Interestingly, a significant number of people get these news updates on the go, thus utilizing the true power of the mobile medium.

The survey also discerned the news trends along demographic distributions. According to these trends, 80% Americans are most interested in getting national news on their mobile devices. Also, 56% of the total respondents answered in affirmative when they were asked whether or not they were checking news on their devices at the time of answering the survey.

The news-reading trends among the users of mobile devices clearly show that these devices have come about to keep us informed of the latest happenings around the world.

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