There are some ideas that just capture the world’s imagination by storm, while others do not really do that well, fading into obscurity along the way. Well, you can say that Motorola’s Webtop concept that was launched with the original Atrix 4G in tow peered into an alternate version of the future which was not meant to be – one that saw our computers being replaced by a smartphone that is hooked up to a Lapdock. Having said that, Motorola has just confirmed that devices from the Photon Q 4G LTE and Droid RAZR M families onward will no longer offer Webtop functionality, and neither will future versions.

Motorola says the reason behind this is, “adoption has not been strong enough”, so that means the market did not bite onto what Motorola had in mind for the future. If you were a Webtop user, are you an ardent supporter of it, or are you just relieved that the Webtop has been put out of its misery after all this while? We cannot help but wonder whether this is also part of Google’s cost cutting measures after acquiring Motorola Mobility.

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