Most of us would not give second thoughts about our keyboards – after all, aren’t these inanimate objects that do not have the ability to think, feel, or express itself (other than respond to your keystrokes, that is)? Robbie Tilton of NYU decided to take a second look at the humble keyboard that is used by millions and millions of people worldwide, where this bit of inspiration came about after he undertook a course in fabrication, realizing that he wanted to introduce a change of pace in keyboard technology – by making it more personal and less lifeless. The Natural Keyboard, as he calls it, is a wooden keyboard that comes slathered in moss, and you are required to add some moisture from time to time so that the moss does not die off and stink.


Some DIY knowledge is required, including a laser cutter, 1/32” thick wood, and a decent moss recipe to help you get started. I would not want to sleep face down on this thing though, as who knows what kind of spores might end up in my lungs, where it could be the beginning of the end as we know it no thanks to some secret zombie inducing virus to usher in the zombie apocalypse.

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